Thursday, July 14, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hello everybody!

Sneakers are known to be worn mostly by teenage girls but even now, ladies are rocking sneakers with style in anything they have on. Why? Because sometimes, us women just needs to give a break from high heels and opt for a pair of comfortable sneakers instead. If you remember, there are sneakers where we all used to love and still love to this day. Just in case you want to recall your memories, take a look at the timeless sneakers for  women that has become everyone’s favorite.

Remember when converse is in style at school? :) Converse sneakers have been an all-time favorite choice for years and will never go out of style. It is easy to be matched with jeans, dresses, shorts and still make you look amazingly trendy. The classic sneakers are the white designs which have been one of the must-have shoes in every girl’s shoe closet. Simple yet trendy is what it is.

Vans was popular during our teen years due to its checkered pattern designs of its sneaker collection. It has that distinctive design that makes it different from other brands and we love flaunting it everywhere we go. Anyone who sees that pattern will immediately know we are donning the trendy Vans sneakers.

Oh I love Nike! Nike is a well-known brand which offers sneakers and we normally opt it as to be our sport shoes or for active outdoorsy events. There are various stylish designs of Nike sneakers to choose from depending on your fashion taste and will always make you look edgy any time of the day. If you are someone who loves that boyish appeal, Nike sneakers will be perfect choice to add into your fashion wish list.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I work as a Game Designer


I am not a programmer. I cant code. I dont know how to read the code. But I work as a programmer now. Specifically a game programmer. Messed up gila rasa. Rasa menyesal sangat sangat masa Interview session, berlakon confident boleh scripting. Dalam resume programming tu aku tulis beginner je kot. Tapi bakat lakonan, serta ayat ayat manis aku dalam persuade untuk kerja kat company ni, menjadi!

Sekarang, nak give up dah tak boleh dah. Apa yang aku boleh buat adalah belajar dan cuba. Damn, menyesal tak study betul betul masa sem satu. Ni apa ni while loop, break return, for if else??

Haha. Rasa kelakar pulak sekarang aku dah terjebak masuk forum membincangkan hal hal programming. Gigih komen bertanya itu ini. Nasib lah kau aan. But from that forum lah aku dapat input. Dapat ilmu. Nak tanya staff staff lain semua busy. Kalau tanya pon, dorang just explain verbally. Aku nak tengok physical.

Tapi apa pun Im happy here. Staff staff pon jenis boleh di ajak borak. Ok. sampai sini je tulisan aku kali ni.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015



Harini aku dengan mak aku pergi zumba class. It's a second time actually. Haha. Very interesting and fun experience actually. Penat? Hm. Masa joget joget tu penat lah. Then bila dah habis rasa nak joget joget lagi. Haha. Peluh bukan main banyak. I think I should invest on the Galaxy Gear watch ke apa benda tu lah. Atleast boleh tau how much calorie i've burnt kan? Hehe. Semangat je lebih. 

So habis kelas tadi memang macam hampeh la. Terus pergi panaskan lauk, nak mkn malam. Haha Memang tak kurus la kak oi. Well, the reasons for me to go to zumba not because nak kurus. Just to get fit. Cukup lah. Takde lah lembik je. Hahahaha.

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